Expert protection for healthcare providers

Tailored insurance cover and market-leading support

Why choose MDUConnect?

MDUConnect gives healthcare organisations access to MDU corporate membership, which provides a powerful blend of the MDU’s expert guidance, support and defence, and a Lloyd’s of London insurance policy for when concerns arise about patient care.

MDUConnect is designed to address the perils facing medical, dental and other healthcare providers, including the significant risk for corporate entities being held vicariously liable for employees’ actions.

For healthcare organisations, MDUConnect offers insurance cover, guidance and support.  The focus is not simply on responding to claims, but also on reducing risk upstream.

The MDUConnect advantage

The MDU is the UK market leader in its field. We connect members with our medico/dento legal advisory team, which are staffed by doctors and dentists with experience of clinical practice.

We never underestimate the importance of speaking to people who have walked those wards, sat in that surgery, or taken that urgent phone call in the middle of the night. In stressful and emotional circumstances, our members find their real-world insight invaluable.



Our teams of medico-legal and dento-legal experts provide market leading guidance to help reduce the chances of a clinical negligence claim and help make practice safer for healthcare providers and their patients.



Support from senior medical and dental professionals with first-hand, real-life experience of the risks facing medical and dental companies. 



Our experience, expertise and resources enable us to provide MDUConnect members with expert advice and uncompromising defence. 

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The scope and width of the policy, and the speed of response generated by the technical knowledge the MDU possess puts it in an enviable position to bring a persuasive alternative to the indemnity market for businesses involved in the healthcare sector.

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